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Computer Headsets (USB)

Computer Headsets (USB)
Brand: TruVoice
TruVoice W830 1080P Webcam1080P Full HD Webcam: Delivers Crisp Image and Crystal Clear Video at 30fps, 2 million high-definition image sensor, low light correction makes your video clearer and brighter than ordinary 720P webcam. Please kindly tear off the protective file before use.Auto-installation..
$65.95 $70.95
Brand: TruVoice
Our TruVoice Webcam and headset Bundle is the perfect all in one solution for homeworkers, information on Each item can be seen below.TruVoice W830 1080P Webcam1080P Full HD Webcam: Delivers Crisp Image and Crystal Clear Video at 30fps, 2 million high-definition image sensor, low light correction ma..
$70.95 $75.95
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VoicePro USB Headsets (Direct Connect)

The TruVoice VoicePro Headsets are our Stand alone Direct Connect USB Range, available in both Single Ear (Mono) and Double Ear (Duo) options. The Range is Plug & Play, so no software installation is required for setup. These are Noise Cancelling Headsets which are also comfortable, and are a durable choice for conference calls, Web-based training, or PC multimedia applications.

The VoicePro Range  priced right, easy to deploy, and offer a simple-to-upgrade UC solution, that IT can roll out easily and rely on. This Range have a 12 month Warranty.

QD Connect USB Headsets

As an alternative to Direct connect USB Headsets, we offer our Full Range of QD Headsets with a USB Connection Cable. 

Understanding how (QD) Quick Disconnect Works


The first thing to understand about commercial grade headsets is that the headset cable ends in what the industry calls a “quick-disconnect” connection.  This connection allows you to leave your headset on at all times and quickly disconnect from the bottom cable when you need to walk away from your desk.  (Low end consumer grade headsets don’t have a quick disconnect, and you have to remove your headset every time you want to leave your desk.)


A quick disconnect is unique to each headset manufacturer so you can’t mix and match between brands (Our QD Connection is the a Plantronics Style Cable, so our headsets will work on any Plantronics Equipment without Issue) A quick disconnect is made to be pulled apart and re-connected an endless amount of times without ever wearing out.


The Big advantage to using a Quick Disconnect headset is that you can use the same headset on any manufacturer of desk phone or any other communication device (Softphone, PC, Cell phone, Cordless phone) by simply switching the headset onto a different bottom cable.



This allows you additional options not available with the Direct Connect USB Headsets, such as :


·         Adaptability of the Headsets - By swapping out the bottom connection cable you can connect your QD Headsets to allow it to be used it on a PC/Laptop, Cell Phone and various different Telephone models/manufacturers without have to buy a completely new solution.

·         Durability – All of our QD Telecom Headsets have been designed and manufactured for heavy usage in Offices and Call Centers, utilizing sturdy plastics, Die Cast Aluminum and Chrome components.

·         Training Option – Due to the device properties on all Laptops/Desktop Pcs you cannot connect 2 USB Headsets to one device to training your staff. With our QD USB Headsets, If you add one of our Training/Supervisor Y cables you can connect two headsets to one device to allow training. Please take a look at our       USB Training solutions.

·         Save Time – If your headset/cable should become faulty, you don’t need to replace the entire unit, whichever item becomes faulty it can be swapped out quickly to allow your agents to continue to work.

·         All Day Wearing comfort -  again we knew our headsets had to be able to survive a full 8 hour working day, so making the headset comfortable for the agent to wear for long periods became paramount.

·         Lifetime Warranty - All of our TruVoice QD Headsets come with a full Lifetime Warranty, as we are confident that the quality and durability are of the highest standard.  We are the only Headset brand to offer this.


·         Initial Cost – Our QD Solution do work out more expensive than the Direct Connect options initially, but if you factor in the cost of replacing the Direct connect units every 1 or 2 years, the adaptability and Lifetime replacement warranty, it does works out as a cost effective long term solution.

·         More Equipment – Unlike the Single unit Direct connect USB solution, with the QD Solutions you have both the Headset and USB Cable in play.  We provide a Travel/Storage bag with our QD to house both parts but some may be mislaid.  Our Advice would be to either keep the USB Cables in the PC and the Agents just swap out their Headsets when on shift and additionally to have some Spares onsite.

USB Connection Cable

The VoicePro Headsets and our  QD USB solutions both use the same control functions, details are below:

Our USB Adapter Cable is Specifically designed for UC Platforms & Softphone Solutions, such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Team, Zoom, Cisco Jabba, Avaya One X and many more Office Communicator systems. The Cable is a Plug and Play device as does not require any Software installation to connect with your laptop/PC and compatible Mac/Windows Devices



Need More Help?


If you have any more questions regarding any of our headsets or have already purchased and you are struggling to get our headset to work with your telephone we are here to help. 


Phone Support : + 888 448 5556


Live Chat:  Simply click chat to us in the bottom right hand side of the website